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Financial hardship grants

We know that for various reasons, clergy (and other ministers) can sometimes find themselves in financial difficulty or shortfall, often through no fault of their own. There are various trusts that particularly make grants to clergy in the Church of England. We encourage you to ask for help when you need it, rather than trying to manage yourselves.

Licenced Ministers in the Diocese of Chelmsford Charity (LMDC)

  • Supporting clergy and licensed lay people (in incumbent-equivalent roles) in financial hardship ministering in the Diocese
  • Fixed grants at birth of a child or to next of kin at death to those in stipendiary ministry
  • Means-tested grants to those retiring from stipendiary ministry or to families for clothing, school trips, trips to univerisites/colleges
  • Fund cost of family holidays and compassionate/emergency grants in times of crisis
  • Funds allocated through Area Bishops/Archdeacons or by application to Secretary

Clergy Support Trust 

  • Apply through the website
  • Provides support to Anglican clergy (serving and retired) and ordinands, and their families, in the UK & Ireland.
  • Eligibility for grants assessed on each clergyperson’s particular income and costs.
  • Includes annual grants for costs incl. car, childcare, funerals, housing (incl. furniture, moving, maintenance) general living expenses, legal fees, health and wellbeing.
  • Emergency grants for unforeseen crises or unexpected costs (usually up to £500).

Frances Ashton Charity

  • Applications made through the website
  • Provides one-off grants to serving/retired clergy in Church of England and their widows/widowers where there is an exceptional or urgent need.

The Rustat Trust

  • Applications through the website in Oct/Nov each year.
  • Makes hardship grants to support the school education of children of any active Church of England clergy. Grants can also be made to families of divorced or deceased clergy. 
  • Applications from parents of children with disabilities, single parents, clergy ministering in areas of deprivation or in other circumstances of hardship are particularly welcome. 
  • With the exception of special needs schooling, no grants towards school fees are made.
  • Grants may be given for any educational purpose, such as music or sports lessons, equipment, uniform, and the provision of school meals/transport costs if not met fully by the LEA.
  • Administered by Jesus College, Cambridge. Grant applications must be approved by an Archdeacon, Bishop or senior Diocesan Officer.

Several trusts make grants directly into the Bishop’s discretionary fund throughout the year, including the Clergy Rest Fund, The Henry Smith Charity, The Pyncombe Charity, The Queen Victoria Fund, and the Tranquility House Trust. Please speak to your Archdeacon, Area Bishop or the Diocesan Bishop directly if you are in need of financial support.

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