Person making a contactless donation using a CollecTin device Contactless giving device in a church

Digital giving

To keep your church's giving healthy, it’s a good idea to ensure that there are several ways for your church congregation and visitors to give, including online and contactless giving.

Digital giving refers to donations made using a bank card or smart device, such as a mobile phone, either via a contactless donation unit or through an online giving page accessed via a web browser or QR code.

Enabling people to give to churches using digital mechanisms makes it easier for people to give when they wish to do so; and in many cases could be what allows that person to make a donation in the first place given they may not be carrying cash.

Chelmsford Digital Giving Rollout

We are delighted to be launching our Digital Giving Rollout, working with the National Giving Team to increase online and contactless giving across the diocese. With this project we hope to enable contactless and online giving as an option to churches that might have been put off by the cost, a lack of technical expertise, or knowing which device to choose.

This exciting opportunity will mean that we have 70 contactless devices to give to parishes across the diocese. We will be providing guidance, support and encouragement as you set up the devices and introduce them to your churches.

Download the Project Pack (3MB)

Types of devices

There are four different types of contactless donation device being given out in this project. Each of these device categories have different features making them suitable for different types of churches. Through the application process the diocesan and national giving teams will decide which device they think is best suited to your church if you have been successful.

GWD Skinny contactless giving device

GWD Skinny

Designed to capture attention, this free-standing device is ideal for churches entrances with high visitor footfall.

The 10-inch colour screen makes the device accessible and can accept multiple donation amounts and capture Gift Aid declarations.

Find out more about the GWD Skinny

GWD Midi contactless giving device

GWD Midi

This counter-top device has the advantage of being able to store donations offine, so churches with no or very limited connectivity can still receive a device.

The 10-inch colour screen makes the device accessible and can accept multiple donation amounts and capture Gift Aid declarations. The GWD Midi is easy to position in a wide variety of places.

Find out more about the GWD Midi

Payaz GivingStation contactless giving device

Payaz GivingStation

This counter-top device can be positioned in a variety of places and uses a 10-inch colour screen to receive donations. The device can accept multiple donation amounts and capture Gift Aid declarations.

Find out more about the Payaz GivingStation

CollecTin More contactless giving device

CollecTin More

The CollecTin is a portable handheld device which gives you the flexibility to bring the device to the donor and collect donations during a service or community events. The device can also be secured to ensure that donations can still be collected when unattended.

Multiple donation amounts are accepted and it also can capture Gift Aid declarations.

Find out more about the CollecTin More

All devices have colour screens, can display multiple donation amounts, accept on-screen Gift Aid declarations (which can then be processed with HMRC in the usual way), and can be secured with a lock. The GWD Midi is the only device which can store donations offline, so churches with no or very limited connectivity (either WiFi or mobile phone signal) can still receive a device.


All contactless donation devices are free, but there are still some costs involved in some cases. The amount will depend on whether the church also needs to invest in having an internet connection and the type of device allocated. You can find out more on page 15 of the Project Pack.

Case Study

CollecTin being used at Church of Our Saviour, East Springfield

Church of Our Saviour have been using a CollecTin More for over a year. They very quickly found that providing an alterative mechanism to give increased donations from both their congregation and visitors.

  • Find out how Church of Our Saviour are implementing digital giving

    Church of Our Saviour in Chelmsford have already begun their digital giving journey and saw the benefits of their investment very quickly. They spent £295 on a contactless CollecTin in November 2022 and within 6 weeks the device had paid for itself.

    For Church of Our Saviour, the main advantage is having the ability to accept contactless and card donations on a Sunday morning as they are finding that less people carry cash for the collection plate.

    “Our contactless device means that we can give our congregation and visitors a convenient alternative to cash. We are now collecting donations that would have otherwise been missed.” – James Cottis, Church Warden

    They securely fix their CollecTin by the entrance so that it’s available for all the groups that meet in the building throughout the week. The device they chose has the flexibility of being portable, which was perfect for collecting donations at their Coronation community BBQ and outdoor carol service on the village green.

    They have been able to setup separate giving campaigns for different events. This has enabled them to collect some significant one-off donations when the life events have been held at the church and they raised over £300 in one day for the Turkey/Syria earthquake appeal through contactless giving alone.

Key dates

  • Application window: 19 February - 15 March
  • Notification of application outcome: Week commencing 18 March
  • Digital Giving Webinars: 26 March 12pm, 9 April 12pm or 10 April 7pm
  • Setup contactless giving and online account: By 3 May (23 April for churches receiving a GWD device)
  • Sign a grant agreement: By 3 May
  • Attend an in-person training session to collect your device: 18, 19 or 20 June

Connectivity – check before you apply

It’s important that we understand whether your church can connect to the internet to make sure we allocate devices that fit their intended contexts well. It might be that you already have Wi-Fi installed, or if not that you have good mobile phone signal (which a data SIM card in a device can use to access the internet that way).

You'll be asked on the application form to check how easily you can load a webpage in the part of your building you're likely to use the device; you might do this on a device connected to the Wi-Fi or a smart device that has mobile data. There is also an option available for churches with no available internet connection.

There is more information about the different connectivity options on pages 22-25 of the Project Pack. Please check this before you apply.

How to apply

Applications are open between 19 February and 15 March 2024.

To be considered for a contactless donation device, you need to submit an application on behalf of your church on our diocese's Parish Buying page.

If you do not already have a Parish Buying account, you will need to register for one first; this is free to do. Account approval usually takes two business days.

Apply for the Digital Giving Rollout

Note that applications cannot be partially saved so it is important that you have all the information required before you start. You can view this information on pages 19-21 of the Project Pack.

You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been successfully submitted.

Further Information

For further detailed information on the Chelmsford Digital Giving rollout, please download the Project Pack.

You can also find the answers to numerous frequently asked questions on the Church of England website.

Parish Giving Advisors

If you have any questions, please contact our Parish Giving Advisors, Beccy Hills or Michelle Cottis.

For more information or to report anything wrong with this page please contact Michelle Cottis