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Leadership Safeguarding Training

Leadership Training is required for people who play a lead role in shaping the culture of their parish. Including, but not limited to:

  • All clergy holding the Bishop’s licence, commission, authorisation, or permission (including PtO where exemption has not been given) including Honorary/Assistant Bishops and Chaplains
  • All Readers and Licensed Lay Ministers holding the Bishop’s licence (under Canons E6 & E8), together with all others who hold the Bishop’s commission, authorisation, or permission to carry out similar ministerial functions (including PtO where exemption has not been given)
  • Safeguarding Officers / Leads in all Church bodies (e.g. PSOs)
  • Non-executive members of Chapter (unless their role in the diocese requires a higher level).
  • Churchwardens at a Parishes currently without an Incumbent
  • Ordinands need to have completed the Leadership Pathway before their diaconal ordination and lay ministers in training before they are licensed

It should also, according to the local context, include such other people who significantly influence the culture of that Church body. These may include, for example, lay ministry staff employed by a PCC or BMO, locally appointed leaders of new worshipping communities and focal ministers.

Pre-Training Requirements

  1. Complete both the Basic Awareness and then the Foundation e-Learning courses (if you have not already done so).
  2. Read the Leadership Participant Handbook
  3. Complete the mandatory pre-attendance written work as outlined on pages 6 and 7 of the Leadership Participant Handbook.

Download the Leadership Participant Handbook

Download the Social GGRRAAACCEEESSS and Safeguarding Easy read

View the available virtual (via Zoom) sessions and book a ticket:

We recommend booking both tickets at the same time if possible, but please ensure that the date you book for Part Two is at least 1 week after the date that you have booked for Part One.

If you have any questions regarding virtual (via Zoom) safeguarding Training please see Virtual (via Zoom) safeguarding course FAQs

Face-to-Face Classroom-Based Leadership Safeguarding Course

A Face-to-Face Classroom-Based Leadership Safeguarding course is taking place in Chelmsford:

  • Date: Monday 23rd September 2024
  • Start Time: Registration opens at 9:45am for the training to start promptly at 10:00am
  • Finish Time: The presentation and group participation should finish at 3:00pm, but the trainers will stay until 3:30pm if you would like to stay and complete and submit the post-course written requirements.

Only those that confirm their attendance with us, the DST, will be posted a booking confirmation pack which includes the Leadership Classroom Workbook and will be permitted to join the session.

If you have any questions about the Face-to-Face Classroom-Based Leadership Safeguarding Course please contact:

For more information or to report anything wrong with this page please contact Laura Tyler - Part Time Safeguarding Administrator