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Area Teams, Area Deans, Archdeacons and Bishops

The contact details for our Area Teams, including Bishops, Archdeacons or Area Deans please visit our Area pages:

Children and Youth

Contact details for our Mustard Seed team can be found here.

Church Planting

For enquires about Church Planting and the Diocese's mission to plant 101 new Christian communities please email:

Head of SDF Programme Management, Dawn Weddell 

Communications and Media        

For communications and media queries please email

For further information about the communications and media team and for communications guidance for parishes and worshipping communities please click here.

DAC and church buildings        

For enquiries about maintaining your church building and churchyard, faculty petitions, headstones, guidance and grants please email DAC guidance and forms can be found here.


For enquires relating to updating details held on our database please email

Further information about data and parish returns can be found on our website here.

Data protection

For enquiries about data protection and GDPR please email

Further information about data protection and GDPR can also be found on our website here. 

Diocesan Secretary and Chief Executive Officer

Our Diocesan Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, Michaela Southworth oversees the work of the diocesan staff teams. If you have a query or information you would like to send to a particular team, please send it directly to that team. If you are unsure which team to contact, please email To contact the Diocesan Secretary and Chief Executive Officer directly, please email


Contact details for those who support parishes with environmental and carbon net zero work can be found here. 


For enquires relating to our Church Schools please email

More information about our Church Schools and our children’s ministry can be found at


Information about diocesan and parish finance can be found here. 

For enquiries relating to finances please email


For advice around HR matters please email

Mission and Ministry       

The purpose of the Mission and Ministry Team is to enliven Disciples to make Disciples - through ongoing provision of ministerial training and wellbeing support, vocational and discipleship exploration and pathways - including children, families and youth ministry, pioneer mission and growth and new Christian communities.

For further information and contact details click here.

Print Unit              

For enquiries relating to our print and design service please email More information can be found here.

Programme management

Programme Manager, Dawn Weddell -


For enquires relating to our vicarages please email If you need a repair that is not under the responsibility of your PCC please call the Property Department Helpdesk on 01245 294471.

Further information about the Property Services team can be found here. 


For enquires relating to Safeguarding please email The Diocese of Chelmsford is committed, as part of the Christian Church living in the spirit of the Gospel, to protect and care for everyone and we aim to be a beacon of best practice in safeguarding. Looking the other way is not an option. More information can be found here .

Tracing of marriage, burial, Baptism and Confirmation records

Unfortunately, we are unable to help in tracing historic marriage, burial, baptism and confirmation certificates and records. These records are not held by the Diocesan Office.

If the relevant parish church doesn’t hold a copy of the records, it is likely it will be archived at the Essex Records Office.