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How to apply for support for training and retreats

Continuing Ministerial Development encompasses courses provided by the Diocese free of charge (see Training at a Time of Transition) and other opportunities for development, through study, specific training in job related issues identified during MDR, and wellbeing opportunities such as quiet days and retreats. Funding is aviabale for all of this through CMD Grants, Advanced Study Grants and Sabbatical Leave Grants.

Please click below to find out more about the support available and how to apply.


  • CMD Grants

    Each of us needs to take responsibility for our own ongoing learning, wellbeing and development. CMD grants provide finance towards this, and AS OF JANUARY 2024 THIS INCLUDES RETREATS.

    The annual personal CMD grant allowance is:

    • £200 for those in parish ministry of incumbent status.
    • £150 for those in full-time parish ministry (as defined in a Working Agreement);
    • £100 for all other licensed ministers, and PTO Ministers in active ministry (as defined in a Working Agreement)

    If you are having an MDR, we would encourage you to discuss with your reviewer development opportunities which could meet your particular learning needs.

    The CMD grant may be spent largely at the minister’s discretion in a way consistent with the development objectives identified in MDR (if applicable), including for conferences, coaching, work-consultancy, clergy wellbeing, retreats and day events.

    • The annual grant is for use in a single year and cannot be accumulated and is subject to budget availability.
    • Application for funds must be made at least one month before the event and before booking or attending.
    • Therefore the deadline for an application to fund an event in any year is 1st December

    We do not fund transport to and from events, we do not fund the purchase of books, and retreats should be recognised as such - whether they are individual or group retreats. Many retreat providers are listed here.

    Applications for use of grants for non-residential events up to £50 may be made directly to the CMD Administrator, Sue Denham  who will be able to issue a grant for recognised training events. 

    Application for amounts over £50 is made to the Area CMD Adviser at least a month ahead of the event. Please use the the standard grant application form for all grant funded events.

    For specific training related to an MDR or the particular responsibilities of an applicant, including coaching, the CMD grant may be increased to £230.

    For LLMs (who are not included in the MDR scheme) any application for an additional grant requires the support of their incumbent, Area Dean or DLMA as appropriate.

  • Advanced Study Grants

    Incumbents or priests-in-charge undertaking further study (e.g. at Masters, a professional qualification, or doctoral level) may be eligible to receive an Advanced Study Grant. Successful applicants receive up to half the course fees or £750, whichever is the less, for the duration of the course.

    Applications should ideally be made by the end of April to your Area CMD Adviser for the forthcoming academic year.

    Please fill in an Advanced Study Grant application form  and send it to the lead adviser for formation, copying in your CMD Adviser.

  • Sabbatical Leave Grant

    The purpose of Sabbatical Leave and Study is to offer licensed ministers a sustained period away from normal duties for personal enrichment and professional development.

    The Sabbatical policy is currently under review.

    If you wish to explore the possibility of a sabbatical, please contact your Area CMD Adviser:

    If you have already spoken to your CMD adviser about a Sabbatical, please fill in the application form here, and send it to your CMD Adviser, to begin the process.

Area CMD Advisers

If you would like advice about what courses would be most useful to you please contact your Area CMD Adviser:

Revd Canon Andy Griffiths - Bradwell Area CMD Adviser
Tel: 01245 227446
Email Andy 

Revd Canon Jane Richards - Barking Area CMD Adviser
Tel: 07702 808408
Email Jane 

Revd Canon Ian Hilton – Colchester Area CMD Adviser
Tel: 07813 538926
Email Ian