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Youth Synod

Our youth council for the diocese

Chelmsford Diocese Youth Synod is a youth council for Chelmsford Diocese that seeks to give young people (aged 11-18) a chance to discuss and engage with issues that Diocesan Synod is exploring and to feed their thoughts into the wider discussion at Diocesan Synod.

How often do we meet?

CDYS meets 3 times a year. 2 meetings will take place in your Episcopal area and will be an evening event (usually with food) and 1 meeting will be a Diocese wide event lasting for a day.

Joining the group

To join CDYS you just need to complete the application form. Your minister or youth worker will be asked to provide a short reference for you (this is mostly so they know you’re getting involved with this exciting project!)

Click here to download the application form (you can bring it with you to your first group)

Will I be really listed to to?

Yes! At the end of each meeting we will summarise what’s been said and your Area Youth Adviser will take your comments to Diocesan Synod and make sure they’re included as part of the discussion. There will also be occasions when you can come along to synod to present your views yourself.

At each meeting of CDYS we will also feedback the outcome of the previous meeting’s discussion and comments that took place at Synod. We also hope in the long term that CDYS will be able to suggest topics for Diocesan Synod to discuss!

Who organises the group?

CDYS is organised by the Youth Advisory Team. Each Episcopal area has a Youth Adviser who will oversee the Youth Synod in their area. Contact your Youth Adviser here.

As part of CDYS we want to connect you back to your local Deanery Synod. We will do this by putting you in touch with your local Deanery Youth Champion who you will meet up to 2 times a year. Your Deanery Youth Champion will help you share important issues from the Youth Synod amongst local churches.

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