Helpful Books

Good basic all round books, available in paper or kindle.

  • Children in the Bible: A Fresh Approach, Anne Richards
  • Children Matter, May, S, Posterski, B, Stonehouse, C, Cannell, L
  • The Growth of Love, K White
  • Good Childhood Report, Children’s Society
  • All Age Worship, Lucy Moore
  • Ultimate Creative Prayer, Judith Merrell 
  • The Complete Guide to Godly Play, J Berryman  
  • Messy Church, Lucy Moore
  • Local Church, Local School, Margaret Withers

Great practical series, Scripture Union Top Tips series. 

  • Top Tips on Helping a Child Respond to Jesus
  • Top Tips on Developing Partnerships between Church and School
  • Top Tips on Encouraging Faith to Grow
  • Top Tips on Welcoming special children
  • Top Tips on Reaching unchurched children 

Theological– good for dipping in and out or for study

  • The Child in Christian Thought, Ed Marcia Bunge
  • The Child in the Bible, Ed Marcia Bunge
  • Re-thinking Children’s Work in Churches - A Practical Guide, Ed: Carolyn Edwards, Sian Hancock and Sally Nash
  • A is for Activist, Innosanto Nagara, Seven Stories Press; Brdbk edition (12 Dec. 2013) ISBN 978-1609805395
    A is for Activist is an ABC book with a difference. Just as heart-warming and just as engaging as traditional ABC books, but with a joyful emphasis on justice and equality. 28 pages, written for families who want their kids to grow up with open eyes and open hearts and written with alliteration, engaging illustrations and a call to see, hear and act. A great book for young children of all ages.
  • Looking after your Mental Health, Alice James & Louie Stowell, Usborne, £6.99 
    A great book addressing mental wellbeing for children & young people. Probably most appropriate for Y6-Y8. 

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