‘See, I am laying ... a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation’

Isaiah 28.16

Diocese of Chelmsford Lent Appeal 2017

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Join with us this year as we raise vital money to support our diocesan partner Anglican Development Services Mount Kenya East (ADSMKE). This year they have invited us to partner with them in developing two projects in northern and central Kenya.


Two years ago the Christians of Chelmsford Diocese supported ADSMKE to build two new wards for its hospital in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga County. They now seek our support to equip the Newborn Unit, to ensure the safety of both babies and mothers.


Your support will help to buy three incubators and two infant warmers, along with other equipment and a wider renovation of the maternity unit.

They will be doing some fundraising themselves, so this will be a full partnership in the Gospel to build on the foundations of previous work, and also ensure that new born children have the best chance of surviving and having a full life.

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A three hour drive further north from the hospital lies the frontier town of Isiolo, within which ADS has a centre that serves the pastoralist communities of this region. It is a very dry region, and access to water is a major problem.

For the centre to continue its work, it often has to spend a considerable amount of money purchasing water from bowsers. For the local community, the cost of such water is often prohibitive, leading many to have to walk five miles in search of water which may not be fit for human consumption.

By sinking a borehole in the ADS compound, a long lasting solution to water shortage will be secured. It would provide a safe supply of water for local residents from all tribes and religions. It will also enable ADS to offer services that require reliable access to water.


It will mean that the agricultural training department will be able to demonstrate how to grow alternative horticultural crops, and develop learning around drip irrigation. This will have the effect of increasing food security within the region.

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